Wedding and Funerals

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Weddings and funerals have so much in common. Both involve lots of planning. You have to decide everything from flowers all the way to the guest list and who’s going to do the eulogy. There’s hundreds of little decisions that go into a funeral just like all the decisions that go into a wedding.

Weddings and funerals are huge parts of our lives. We spend months planning our weddings while we only spend two or three days planning our funerals. They are both some of the most stressful things we do which is why we spread the wedding planning out so much. So why wouldn’t we do the same for funerals?

We at Ziemer Funeral Homes are here to help make funeral planning easier and less stressful. Funerals are a part of our lives. In the same ways that a wedding planner helps to lessen the stress of a major life event, Ziemer helps to do the same for funerals. It’s important to grieve properly without being overtaken by stress. Take the first step today and call us at 812-471-2664 to set up pre-planned funeral arrangements.

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