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Posted on August 21, 2018 by Amy Price under Celebrant Services
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One word can sum up most of our cultural practices.


Much of what we do is striving to establish significance.  We celebrate births, graduations, weddings and many other special occasions.  There are practices that are specific to different groups, religions, ethnicities, etc…  Regardless of what those customs are, each serve as a marker.  They establish that the event taking place has meaning.  They establish significance.  


We also strive to demonstrate significance in times of death.  We have a space to gather with loved ones.  We hold services, bury with monuments, or scatter ashes in a place of importance.  Why do these things?   To represent the significant imprint left on all who knew them.  But all too often, a funeral service does not adequately do this.


We want to offer you a service that gives the significance your beloved deserves through sharing these wonderful glimpses into their life.  The most meaningful tributes are personal accounts of favorite recipes, family traditions, vacations, time spent with friends, successes, and challenges faced.  These cherished moments are imprinted on each of your lives.


This is where a life celebration breaks the mold of a typical funeral service.  It’s the opportunity for everyone to stand together and reflect, celebrate, and appreciate the unique impact they left in everyone’s life.  


In a life celebration ceremony, we want to take you on a journey through the deceased person’s life.  These contemporary services aim to fully recognize how unique the person was in all of your lives.  We do this by personalizing the service to whatever degree desired by your family.


Personalization in a life celebration service means more than using a certain picture on the service program.  If you would like to sing a song by Katy Perry because that’s what your aunt loved, we will integrate Katy Perry.  Was your great grandpa a huge Packers fan?  Green and yellow clothing/Packers attire it is.  This is a celebration to honor your loved one and we want to do so in whatever meaningful ways are desired by your family.


Life Celebration services do not have to be far from the typical funeral service, either.  Integrating story-telling into your loved one’s service is a meaningful way to honor their life.  Ziemer Funeral Home wants to serve your family and help celebrate your loved one’s life in a way that is significant to you.


Written by Baileigh Trulove

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