Financial Benefits of Pre-Planning

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Not many people want to think ahead to when they won’t be around anymore. It’s very sad and it can be rough to think about, but it wouldn’t be without cause. Planning ahead has tremendous benefits when choosing Ziemer. Pre-planning with Ziemer means getting a price quoted today and having your funeral services guaranteed forever.

Planning ahead will absolutely save your family money in the long run. Funeral prices tend to double about every twenty years. Planning ahead of time will guarantee the lowest price you will ever receive, and that price never increases. Emotional distress can play into the cost of funerals, but it doesn’t have to. At the most devastating moment in your family’s life, they shouldn’t be questioning what would have been best. Having a pre-planned funeral means no additional purchases, no irrational decisions, and relief from even more stress.

Going to move some time in the future? If you move, your plan can be transferred and moves with you to any funeral home that you may select. Those aren’t the only benefits, though! Another great benefit of planning ahead with Ziemer is our Child, Grandchild, and Great-Grandchild Protection, which covers children between the ages of 1 and 21. If a death were to occur, Ziemer would provide the services for them equal to the amount of your original pre-arrangement. You would not lose anything out of the investment towards your own funeral because Ziemer would donate the service for them.

Because we are not a corporate-owned business, we can provide the funeral you would want and not a pre-built package with a bunch of unnecessary features and add-ons. This also decreases the price extensively, which is never a bad thing! As a family owned business, we know how important family members are. We know how tragic these times can be and we want to make everything as convenient and easy for everybody as possible.

Taking care of these difficult choices now will relieve stress from your family in the future. Not only will they be stress-free, they also won’t make unnecessary and costly decisions. Pre-planning is a very loving and considerate gift for your family, so give us a call and we’ll help you set it up!


Written by Gage Courvelle

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