Holidays and Seasonal Depression

Posted on December 24, 2019 by Amy Price under Uncategorized
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The holiday season is typically a jolly time full of love and gift-giving with close friends and family. It’s generally a care-free and fun time of the year. Giving gifts and spending time with those close to you is something many people look forward to every year.

Although it may be fun for a lot of people, not everybody gets to celebrate the holiday season the same way. Holiday depression and stress is something that affects a good amount of people every single year. The people we consider our closest friends could even be suffering from this without us even knowing it.

Many people lose beloved family members and close friends every year. Losing those close to us is tragic enough, but spending holidays without them is another thing. The holiday season without them can seriously affect the mental well-being of just about anybody. The pain from missing passed away loved ones is something so heartbreaking and depressing. There are many feelings that come along with these holiday blues and they can even have some grave side effects. Common effects seen are headaches, insomnia, over-eating, and even excessive drinking.

The holidays can be a fun time, but losing loved ones is tragic. We want to do all that we can to support those of us who have lost people close to us. There are some coping mechanisms that can be found online that could potentially help with the holiday stress and depression. Some of these include: setting realistic goals for yourself, volunteering, and trying new activities and hobbies, among others!

For those of us that are not doing so well this time of year, make sure they know about the support systems they have within their friend groups and communities! There is even a national helpline for individuals and families facing hard times, mental disorders, and more. This helpline is SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP. They are open every day of the year at all hours of the day, ready to provide professional services to all callers. This is a great system that has helped countless people!

We here at Ziemer wish everybody happy holidays and we hope all of you stay safe while traveling. Have fun!


Written by Gage Courvelle

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