Our Beloved Pets and Their Tragic Passing

Posted on January 21, 2020 by Amy Price under Uncategorized
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After being in our lives for many years, a pet becomes part of the family. When they become a beloved part of your family, their untimely passing feels that much more tragic. These pets brought so much joy and happiness into our lives, making their passing harsh and unwelcoming.

Accepting animals into our families also means embracing the eventual loss we will experience over time. As unfortunate and heartbreaking as it may be when the time comes, there are ways to honor your family member similar to that of a regular person. Since we love them equally, they all deserve similar, careful treatment after their passing.

Flame cremation does not always seem very satisfying when it comes to family members. This is especially true if you are conscious about the environment. The greenhouse gases produced by the cremation can be extremely harmful to our environment, and it just doesn’t always seem like the proper thing to do for our pets.

Ziemer’s Pet Cremation Services recognize the importance of your pet to your family. This means they will be handled with dignity and care at our facility. Our eco-friendly cremation honors your pet just as much as it does the Earth, and at Ziemer, we provide private and community cremation services when caring for your animals.

To learn more about Ziemer’s bio-cremation process, you can read about it here on the website: https://www.ziemerpetmemorial.com/what-we-do/eco-friendly-pet-cremation


Written by Gage Courvelle

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