Peace in Grief

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Peace (noun): freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.

Grief (noun): deep sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.

Peace and grief, two terms that seemingly do not belong together.

Hands, Grasses, Sunset, Feel, Touch, Field, Grass

No one wants to think about what a loss is going to feel like, what that grief process is going to look like. Honestly, you never really know until you’re there- in the midst of grasping the loss.


But in this time to come, there is a space for peace. There is an opportunity to allow some peace in the process. Peace can be offered by planning your funeral in advance.


Consider the idea of making pre-arrangements, understand the gift it can be for your loved ones. It is your personal peace offering even when you’re not around.


The pressure of picking the things they think you would want can be lifted off  of their shoulders. The risk of your family overspending in the midst of high emotions will be eliminated. The stress of funding it all can be erased. And most importantly, the time can be used to process, grieve, and celebrate your life with all the planning complete.


Ziemer Funeral Home is committed to helping start conversation in as much details as you choose with no pressure and no commitment, as you take into consideration giving this loving gift to your family.



-Written by Baileigh Trulove

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