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Funerals can be a hectic process. If you aren’t prepared but advanced planning can give you and your loved ones piece of mind when the time comes. Anytime you’re making an important financial decision you want to feel like you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. In this multi part series I am going to walk you through how Ziemer Funeral Homes puts the needs of you and your loved ones above our own. I hope that when I am done you will feel better informed about how Ziemers works and the best way for you to make sure your family is taken care of.

One of the biggest concerns for advanced planning and paying for a funeral is the thought of losing your money. This could be due to the funeral home going out of business or if you try to relocate in the future. Neither of these things need to be worried about when you’re with Ziemer Funeral Homes. One of the great things about choosing Ziemer Funeral Homes is that we’re in Indiana. In Indiana there’s a law that states funeral homes can’t take your money before your funeral, instead that money is put into a funeral trust. These trusts help to make sure that your money is safe even if the funeral home goes out of business. Any money that you put into the trust can’t be touched by anyone until the day of the funeral. Since we are a family owned business we do our best to make this time of your life easier. If in the future you move away from Evansville, or even Indiana in general, and you’re wanting to have your funeral wherever you moved to. Ziemers can help to send your pre-planned choices to that funeral home.

I know that this can be a confusing time but advanced planning your funeral with the help of Ziemers funeral home can help your family and loved ones to have “peace of mind in a difficult time”.


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