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It’s hard to know how to best show your sympathy to those that have lost a loved one. Flowers are a more traditional gift and they are as beautiful as ever. Flowers can be encouraging and loving. There are so many different kinds and they can all send different messages to show that you care about the person and you’re thinking of them in their time of mourning. Ziemer’s can help you find the perfect ones. For instance Pink carnations mean “I will never forget you” and a bouquet of Heliotrope will say “You are loved”. Every flower means something different and sometimes they can help us express our condolences better than we can. But we here at Ziemer’s know that sometimes flowers don’t always feel like the right way to say that you care.  Thankfully there are other ways to show those you love that you are thinking of them. One of the best things you can do for a grieving family or individual is making them a meal. When you’re in a grieving state it’s easy to forget thing like food and it’s hard to have the motivation to make something yourself. So a homemade casserole, spaghetti, or maybe some soup can be very helpful to the grieving party. There’s also potted plants, like a succulent. Having something that they can take care of and watch grow can help to bring just a bit more happiness to this person’s life. Another great way to show that you care is by donating to that persons favorite charity or if the person died from a specific illness then you could donate to help find a cure. Any of these gifts can help to show the grieving party that they have people who care for them and love them. And that’s whats most important during this time.

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