The Fallen Heroes Program

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At Ziemer Funeral Home, we are proud to be a part of “The Fallen Heroes Program”. This is our way of honoring brave individuals that make sacrifices every day to be in their respective lines of duty. Police officers, firefighters, emergency medial technicians, and soldiers in the Armed Forces are all recognized for their commitment through this program.

Through The Fallen Heroes Program, Ziemer provides all professional services at absolutely no cost to the family of a Fallen Hero. A metal casket, limousine, and memorial package, including staff and facility, are provided completely free to families of Fallen Heroes. We believe such commitment to ensuring the best quality of life within our country deserves something remarkable in return.

These persons put their lives at risk to protect our homes and preserve our freedoms. For putting everything on the line, they deserve the utmost respect from all of us. Our commitment to these heroes is ensuring their passing isn’t made any more difficult for their loved ones. Along with that, they also receive the recognition they absolutely deserve for giving their all to their duties.


Written by Gage Courvelle


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