Treating Pets Like Family Even After They Pass

Posted on April 11, 2019 by Amy Price under Uncategorized
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Pets can impact our lives in ways we don’t even realize sometimes. When we adopt a pet whether it be a cat, dog, bird, or anything in between. We love them and take care of them but they also take care of us. We give them so little while they gives us so much love in return. That love can help to improve our lives in ways you’ve never imagined.

They can help to relieve stress, which can lower blood pressure and decrease the chance of a heart attack by about 5x. This is part of a thing called the “pet effect”. The pet effect shows that all of our pets help us to live longer and be happier while we do it.

Growing up with a pet can help strengthen your immune system against allergens.

They don’t just help us with our physical heath but also our emotional health. They help stave off anxiety and depression. Our pets can sense our emotions and they help us to get through this sadness, they can be a pillow or a therapist or anything you need in that time.

Having pets can help all people but they can especially help people with PTSD, Autism, Obesity, and high blood pressure.

For all of these things we prescribe you with dogs, cats, and all other pets!

Pets are like a part of our family, they are with us for years, and they help us to be happier and healthier. When a pet dies it can be an incredibly hard process, but the Ziemer family can help you in the grieving process. We will treat you pet like part of the family and give them the best care possible. With our eco-friendly pet cremation we can help you to always remember your pet. With our services we also provide a memorial urn with your pets name engraved onto it so you can remember your pet throughout your life. Ziemer Pet Memorial helps you have peace of mind in this difficult time.

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